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deliverance from stagnation and rejection. Restoration of Luck

I am believing God for deliverance from stagnation and rejection in life. I pray that God will remove the cloth of shame from my father's house and bless us with life partners that will aid us in bringing glory to His name. Amen

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mrjt  Sun Jun 22 17:56:33 +0000 2008
Joka, we all go through a little stagnation sometimes. I struggled with it really bad at one point in my growth as a christian. So don't let it get you down. Just draw closer to other believers so that their strength can lift you up when you feel week or stagnant. Sometimes the anointing of God in someone else can help you pull out of a pit. King Solomon said that "two are better than one". Another thing, keep your ears full of praise and worship music. I have found that real praise and worship can lift me out of almost any negative state, because praise draws the presence of God like nothing else. So fill your house with praise and worship music daily. The anointing in that music also makes evil spirits restless so that they have to flee(1Sam.16:24).

I pray to God to deliver you from rejection also. I have known that feeling all too well in my own life. But, again, drawing closer to God can heal you of anything. His peace will fill your mind and make you forget the hurt of any rejection. And hang on: God will certainly bring people into your lives that you can trust and will help to bring glory to God's name. There are some people just like you who long for other christians in their life. God will bring you all together soon.

God bless your family!
Always praying for you!

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Raminakai  Mon Jun 23 10:47:01 +0000 2008
- Rami

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Submitted by joka from Nigeria

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I am a single woman, who is very thankful for to God for keeping her alife. I am presently unemployed and experiencing a lot of delay in my life. I think that it is spiritual and am praying seriously ...

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