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May God bless my womb

I have been trying to have a baby for 12 years. I stoped trying and I have let God be in charged.
Please pray for me and my husband so that we can be blessed like Sarah and Abraham. My baby will be dedicated to serve the Lord and to live for the Lord.
Thank you,
Robert and Liliana

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mrjt  Thu Jul 17 11:29:49 +0000 2008
Father, we speak life into the womb of Liliana. We speak that by your spirit, you will bless her and Robert to have a child that will be special in your eyes. Let this child be a blessing to many, bringing your light of salvation to many lost souls. Let it be done. In Jesus name we pray. Amen.

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jeena  Thu Jul 17 16:23:34 +0000 2008
Dear Robert and Liliana,

This is a beautiful prayers which I would like to share with you both and I pray that God will bless you both with a beautiful child.

Prayers to Conceive a Child

In your November 1996 issue you had an item about St. Mary Frances of Naples as an intercessor for those who have been sterile. Can you supply a prayer for my granddaughters who remain childless and want to become parents?

I found no prayers for those who want to conceive. So I wrote two of my own which I offer to you and yours for their use if they wish.

Prayer to Conceive a Child: "St. Mary Frances of Naples, in life and in death you have pleaded the cause of the childless and infertile. Through your prayers and intercession many thought to be sterile have conceived children and become parents. I (my spouse and I) now ask you to look upon me (us) as we ask your prayers and intercession that we may conceive and bring to birth a child who will serve and glorify God always and everywhere. Amen."

Prayer for a Child: "Lord, despite the barrenness of Elizabeth and the advanced years of Zechariah, you answered their prayers for a child in a marvelous way. You favored them with the conception and the birth of John the Baptist. I (we) pray that you give me (us) the grace of conceiving and bringing to birth a child who will honor and serve you and your people all the days of his or her life. Amen."

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Kaz  Fri Jul 18 13:44:26 +0000 2008
Though I didn't wait quite as long as you have but I waited a long time before I concieved. Unfortunately I lost my first baby, but although distressed I didn't become bitter and just kept praying. God is a mighty God who hears everthing, and answers everything............... I was so blessed just seven weeks ago to see my daughter give birth to her daughter. God is amazing, I only have One child but she is beautiful, charming, and lights up my life. I pray that the greatest gift that Father gave me He will give you too. I ask that He gives you a womb that is no longer barron but fruitful. Stay strong, keep believing, and keep thanking God for His blessings.

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dschmer  Fri Jul 18 23:40:57 +0000 2008
Dear Robert and Liliana-

Due to a variety of factors, my husband and I were not able to conceive for a long time. I knew the heartbreak of Clomid inseminations, every month grieving because I was unable to conceive. Then, the Lord answered our prayers! Seven years ago, our precious daughter was born prematurely with two dislocated hips. Miracle after miracle later, you would never know that she was a premie or ever had hip problems! We wanted a large family, but after 13 more inseminations, and because I turned 40, we realized that God blessed us with one beautiful girl. Like Kaz, our daughter is beautiful, charming, and lights up our lives.

We are standing in the gap with you, and you are not alone. Many out there feel the pain and anguish of an empty womb. We will believe together that, like Sarah, like Elizabeth, like Rachel, and like Hannah, God will fulfill your heart's longing. Keep believing that God can, and will, do this.
May God bless you and keep you.

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